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Sep 13
Watch Video & Share Get RM20

Watch Video to get RM10, Share & Comment video, get additional RM10

Jul 23
How to Claim Free Credit

Want to Use your RM and turn them into Free Credits? Steps Participate in any “Free Credit” Events Earn TOTAL of RM100 in your RM wallet. Once you have RM100, your account will be automatically “Verified” The “Cash Out” on menu will now direct you to Claim page.

Jul 08
RM25 Quiz Challenge

This is monthly quiz, challenge it again with different question every month. Answer Quiz and earn RM based on correct answer. I am Ready! (last updated on 4 July) Read here before start for Tips¬† Click the Button above to start your quiz. You will have 5 questions to answer. Each gives you RM5 when […]

Mar 17
RM20 Free Credit Challenge

Super66 challenge you to catch our mistake, get Free credit every mistake caught.

Mar 16
Free Credit claim

Comment, Share & Get Random amount of free credit.